The Main Differences Between Equity & Equality

While it is necessary for educators to work toward both equity and equality in the inclusive classroom, equality should be the teachers end goal. 

It isn't always easy to define what exactly is meant by equity. When we discuss equity in education, we simply mean “fairness.” Fairness, well that makes sense, but what does this look like in practice at the individual student level? 

Simply put, equality means treating every student the same, while equity means making sure every student has what he or she needs (supports) to access the curriculum being taught and be successful.

 Equality is idea that everyone's given the same rights, opportunities, and resources. While equality is useful it often does not address individual students needs. 

As educators we are responsible for ensuring ALL students in the inclusive classroom regardless of their abilities are given what they need to be successful. This is where equity in education is key. Equity provides students in the classroom with resources that fit their specific needs or circumstance.